Marina Szijarto is a professional visual, celebration and installation artist with a diverse and interdisciplinary arts practice. Marina works with community engaged rites and celebrations, theatre, dance, performance, public and visual art. Much of her work is site specific, being created for, and with, a particular landscape, community or season.

Community celebrations

Marina is the Creative Director of A Midsummer Fete, a celebration of art, environment and organic farming, the Art and Technical Director at Vancouver’s Mountain View Cemetery All Souls event, and the Creative Director at Richmond’s Maritime Festival.

Theatre arts

Within the Vancouver professional theatre community Marina has received two Jessie Richardson Awards, plus seven nominations, for outstanding costume design, set design and mask/puppet design. In 2012 she was publicly recognized by the City of Vancouver as a recipient of a ‘Remarkable Women’ award for her contribution to the arts in Vancouver.

Environmentally based Arts

Marina is passionate about working with local sustainable plant materials to make art, medicine and food as a way to connect more deeply to the natural environment where we live.

She has been involved with the creation of Eco-based and ephemeral artworks and in 2013 was invited to the international festival ‘Basketry and Beyond – Fishing Farming and Fashion’ where she was helping with a large scale installation residency and also leading the parade in a woven costume.

Marina is a member of the Art Is Land Network (AILN),  an artist collective whose shared connection is the use of natural and repurposed materials to engage with the landscape.  AILN has just completed a year long residency at Dr Sun Yat Sen Park in Vancouver. Marina’s art works “Frames of Reference” and “the Traveling Apothecary Tea Room” can be see here with her other collaborators works

Converse by AILN – with Artist Marina Szijarto

Marina is now Richmond resident after living in Vancouver’s East Vancouver/ ‘Chinatown’ for many years.

Marina w Albert headshot



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